404 Membership | Consumer Advocacy Foundation of Nigeria


membership of CAFON

Become part of our family and structure. The benefits of membership are:

  • Empowerment to defend your right
  • Access to members only portal on the website
  • Personalized CAFON advisory services
  • Access to insights to protect yourself from exploitation
  • Direct information on investigation
  • CSM consumer sensitive merchants Directory
  • Access to branded resources
  • Members only store
  • Annual report and plan
  • Complaint app
  • Members’ Package
  • Letters and other Documents

Prospective members should please note that membership is by donation to the organization. On the donation, please, take note that:

  • It is an annual payment starting from a minimum of 5000 Naira.
  • These donations are tax deductible
The key criteria for becoming a State coordinator is having an experience of Community service.