404 SAFE SELLING LAGOS | Consumer Advocacy Foundation of Nigeria

Safe Selling Lagos (SSL)

An initiative to improve consumer redress structures and increase awareness for Warranties in Lagos markets
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Lagos, a fast growing megacity in Western Nigeria, is the commercial nerve center of Nigeria and West Africa. According to Governor Babatunde Fashola, "Lagos is home to about 2, 000 industrial concerns, 10, 000 commercial ventures, 22 industrial estates and accounts for over 60% of Nigeria’s industrial and commercial activity... Regionally, the Lagos Gross National Product is three times more than that of any West African Country, making Lagos the economic hub of the ECOWAS sub region."

The market for products and services in Lagos is very huge. There are over 300 open markets registered by the State Government while over 50 super market chains and department stores have sprung up since 2011. With a UN estimated 17 million population and over N1b estimated commercial transactions daily, Lagos is an attractive destination for goods and services from all over the world.

With no National Quality Standard Infrastructure currently defined, substandard, fake and fraudulent goods are dumped on the Lagos market daily, putting unsuspecting consumers at risk of buying poor quality goods and services. Coupled with the fact that consumer protection in Nigeria is still weak and ineffective, consumers are very vulnerable to exploitation, unfair trade practices and have little or no options for redress.

Lagos State Government in an effort to address this lack of redress in its markets, established the Lagos State Consumer Protection Committee in 2009 as provided for in the CPC Act No 66 of 1992. However, the Committee, which acts as an ADR channel and meets once a week, is grossly inadequate for the enormous challenges of sales conflicts generated in over 300 markets daily.

In view of these, CAFON being concerned about the increasing cases of consumer complaints on defective goods and unsatisfactory services without any means of resolution, proposes to address this gap in the trade process through an initiative to increase market awareness and acceptance for warranties, guarantees and redress structures as a palliative for the consumer while the Federal and State governments continue to work on building stronger consumer protection structures in the market place.